Queensferry lad becomes youth ambassador for UK and Germany

Daniel is a pupil at South Queensferry High School
Daniel is a pupil at South Queensferry High School

A Queensferry lad has become a youth ambassador for the UK and Germany to help raise cultural awareness.

Daniel King (17) is in his sixth year at South Queensferry High School and has been accepted into the UK-German programme.

He is one of only two ambassadors in Scotland for the project and is looking forward to his new role.

Daniel said: “I have to undertake projects in my area. I will be working with the primary schools in Edinburgh, merging the teaching of culture with the teaching of language to inspire the children to keep up with learning a language at high school and engage with different cultures.”

While on holiday in Berlin Daniel was embarrassed with his lack of German compared to the locals’ wealth of English speaking skills, so decided to enrol in the scheme with the dream of getting more people to learn the language.

Daniel will also have the chance to travel to Germany next summer for the end of the project.