Queensferry mum on her bike

A YOUNG Queensferry mum is hoping to raise a mountain of cash for research into Multiple Sclerosis after being told she has the debilitating disease.

Jenni Dooley (24), who has a three year old daughter Abi, was diagnosed with the condition in November 2010.

But after recently abseiling off the Forth Bridge, she now plans to cycle 150 miles in America to raise the charity’s funds.

Since an infant at Queensferrry Primary School, Jenni suffered symptoms such as abdominal pains, knee pains and childhood arthritis.

But it was only after tests at the end of last year she was told she had a form of MS, which comes and goes but could gradually get worse.

Jenni, who lives with her partner, Nick Hanmer, is needle phobic but was told her condition was not severe enough to have injections to help alleviate the condition.

Instead she was put forward for the trial drug Fingolimod but after tests it was found that she cannot continue with the drug due to implications for her immune system.

A major blow to Jenni and her family, the young mum has now decided she wants to fundraise so that MS sufferers like herself can benefit from continued research into the condition.

She said: “I have taken into account all the pros and cons of taking this drug but after deliberating over it, I decided that even if it doesn’t help me at least it will help someone else.”

Jenni said she has had three relapses over the past year which left her with no feeling down one side of her body, numbness and fatigue.

She added: “At this time, I can only imagine what it is like for people with more acute MS, hence the reason I want to take part in a bike ride now rather than wait another year.”

Jenni will fly to Minneapolis in America in two weeks and meet up with her uncle, David Dooley, to take part in the MS 150 Bike Ride, a two- day charity cycle challenge.

She has already raised £850 for the charity from the abseil event but hopes to boost this total from the bike ride.

If anyone would like to sponsor Jenni in her bid to raise cash for research in MS they can email her at jennidooley@hotmail.com