Queensferry residents clean up

Friends of Ferry Glen set up a litter pick-up
Friends of Ferry Glen set up a litter pick-up

Residents of Queensferry took matters into their own hands this week after litter and missed rubbish collections caused problems.

Friends of the Ferry Glen arranged a litter pick to collect rubbish which had blown out of overfilled public recycling bins and become strewn across residential areas.

Just days later Queensferry and District Community Council wrote to the chief executive of Edinburgh City Council to complain about problems with residential rubbish uplifts.

Liz Wright, a volunteer with Friends of the Ferry Glen, said the rubbish problem was “particularly bad” at the moment and encouraged members of the community to do their bit to help.

She said: “Sadly Morrison Gardens is covered in litter and Friends of Ferry Glen made an attempt to clear it. With the wind and bad weather the rubbish has become strewn all the way down the street. The litter is probably blown from the bins at Scotmid which is Edinburgh City Council’s responsibility.

“I was out collecting rubbish with my grandchildren and people kept walking past saying ‘thank you for doing this’. It would take a few people only a couple of hours to deal with this.”

Queensferry and District Community Council said that as a result of “continuing problems with domestic waste uplifts” and a lack of “satisfactory action” they have written to the chief executive of the City of 
Edinburgh Council.

A spokesman for the city council said: “We are committed to providing an efficient recycling and waste service in Edinburgh. We have worked hard to correct any missed collections and with our ‘Save time, do it online’ campaign we have been encouraging people who experience issues with bin collections to report them online so that these can be sorted out as quickly as possible.”