Queensferry residents’ new homes access fears

Row over new homes access
Row over new homes access

Plans to create a new housing development on the former motel site in Queensferry have provoked local concern.

The owners Corus Hotels plan to create up to 100 homes on land which lies between the Forth Road Bridge administration block, Stewart Terrace and the Varney estate.

But the problem lies in that access to the development will be via the busy Kirkliston Road and through the Varney estate.

Hamish Campbell, who lives at Hugh Russell Place in the Varney estate said: ‘‘While I have no problem with a development being built there, it is absolutely crazy to create the main access to the development through our estate.

‘‘It is hard enough at peak times to get out onto the Kirkliston Road without maybe another 100 cars trying to do the same.

‘‘There is a perfectly good road at Ferrymuir Gait which would lead to the proposed development.’’

But a spokeswoman for EMA Architects, which has drawn up plans for Corus Hotels, said: “We are aware that there may be concerns locally over this.

“We welcome views at the consultation, when people will have a chance to look at the proposals for themselves as a whole, rather than just as an access issue.’’