Queensferry’s beach clean up

170911 beach clean up at 'hawes pier sq
170911 beach clean up at 'hawes pier sq

Queensferry’s shoreline got a clean-up last weekend when the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) staged its annual Beachwatch project.

The volunteers, pupils and staff from Echline Primary School and employees of SMIT International, whose tugs help berth tankers at Hound Point, staged the clean up and collected 22 bin bags of rubbish along a 200 metre stretch between the Hawes Pier and Longcraig Pier.

The beach litter survey recorded a total of 500 items, of which the top five items found on the day were bottles, cans, general litter, traffic cones and cigarette butts.

Martin Anderson, of SMIT International, who led the clean-up said: “Beach litter is just unsightly, it can also be very dangerous to both humans and wildlife. MCS is working towards ensuring local communities right up to UK governments work together to try and stop littering at source.”

He added: “On Queensferry’s Hawes Pier the main type of litter we found was public litter including bottles, cans crisp and sweet packets, fast food packaging and cigarette stubs, left behind by careless coastal visitors, or dropped inland and carried by the river and winds to the shore.”