Queensferry’s Courtney read for her coronation

Courtney Burke
Courtney Burke

Ferry Fair queen elect Courtney Burke (left) is all set for her crowning glory on Saturday.

And the coronation is goingto be a family affair, with her brother taking on the role of crown bearer.

11-year-old Courtney, who lives with her family in Stoneyflatts Crescent, will shortly begin primary seven at Echline Primary and she and her classmates have been buzzing with excitement about the Ferry Fair since the main roles were chosen in March this year.

Courtney said: ‘‘The best bit will be getting crowned. We walk in a parade and I get to go in a fancy car with the herald.

‘‘My dress is white and has a lot of jewels on it. I also like the fun fair at the Ferry Fair.’’

Brother Liam (9), also forms part of the retinue and looking on proudly will be mum Lorna (46), dad George (50) and brothers Jamie (19) and Adam (14).

Lorna says family and friends are helping to decorate the house but she is keeping tight-lipped about the theme.

She added: ‘‘Courtney is very excited and quite nervous too.

‘‘We would like to thank the committee and everybody who organises the Ferry Fair over the year and who make it all possible.’’