Question time for A90 users

Cyclist on busy A90
Cyclist on busy A90

Cyclists and walkers who travel on the pathway alongside the A90, between Queensferry and Cramond, are being invited to take part in a questionnaire.

The city council, in partnership with Sustrans and Transport Scotland, is upgrading the pedestrian and cycle path that runs parallel to the A90 between the Burnshot and Dalmeny junctions.

The work, which will widen and resurface the existing path to provide a high quality shared path, is expected to be completed by spring 2015.

The pathway is split into five sections and work on this latest section is estimated to cost in the region of £350,000.

But some users have commented about problems with vehicle headlight glare on the path, especially those travelling northbound.

To add anti-glare panels and a road barrier would cost a further £120,000.

The city council now wants to consult with path users to determine the extent of this potential problem and is hoping to receive feedback on its proposed design options.

To take part, go online at

The survey must be completed by Friday, May 2, at 12pm.