Rain won’t spoil Festival Sunday

FH Linlithgow Folk Festival Bowling Club 09/09/2016
FH Linlithgow Folk Festival Bowling Club 09/09/2016

It looked like rain might just put a minor damper on today’s Linlithgow Folk Festival action - but music fans have been taking to social media to say it’s easily one of the best events to date.

There’s still plenty to come, too, with a full line-up of gigs tomorrow.

Here are some of the highlights of tomorrow’s Festival Sunday -

Dan Markey and friends –

Venue: Masonic Hall, Market Lane, Linlithgow.

Time: 11am to 12.30pm Cost: Free.

Music at the Cross on the Norah Devine stage -

Venue: The Cross, Linlithgow

Time: 1pm to 5pm Cost: Free,

Songs and music at the Bowling Club

(hosted by Newtongrange Folk Club)

Venue: Linlithgow Bowling Club

Time: 2pm–4pm Cost: Free

Open air family ceilidh with Cockleroy

Dancing on concrete slabs, “so bring comfy shoes”.

If it does rain, never fear - the event will take place in the Masonic Hall.

Venue: The Vennel, Town Centre, Linlithgow, EH49 7EX

Time: 2.30– 4.30pm

Cost: Free

Afternoon pub sessions - look out for pubs displaying the festival logo

(or just follow the music).