Rallying call for bid to stop flight paths plan

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Campaigners against controversial plans for flight paths over local communities are urging residents to add their voice to a consultation on the scheme.

The group Edinburgh Airport Watch is staging a public meeting in Linthgow Burgh Halls on Tuesday (September 6) to raise awareness of the plans and to rally support for moves to stop what’s said to be “frequent and intrusive” aircraft noise.

A spokesman for the group said: “Last year, Edinburgh Airport was forced to abandon a trial of a new westerly take-off route which saw planes fly over communities such as Linlithgow, Broxburn, Uphall, Uphall Station, Dechmont, Philipstoun, Ecclesmachan, Blackness and Bo’ness as well as areas of Fife.

“Thousands of us complained to the airport and lobbied local politicians. As a result, the westerly route (known as TUTUR 1C) can’t be used again without a full public consultation.

“That public consultation is now underway and the failed TUTUR 1C trial route is back on the table along with several others.”

He added: “Despite the trial ending early, the noise has not stopped - as residents know only too well. We are still being plagued by frequent and intrusive aircraft noise, starting as early as 6am and lasting late into the night.”

Opponents of legally sanctioned flight paths over places like Linlithgow, Bo’ness and Blackness fear a scheme they consider was already scrapped last year in the face of publid and political opposition could be given the green light if the consultation fails to reflect the strength of public feeling.

One contributor to Edinburgh Airport Watch’s Facebook page said it was wrong that the public had to, in effect, say why they shouldn’t be “overflown”.

The case for changes to current flight paths is based on the argument that no major changes have taken place for 40 years, while the way Edinburgh Airport operates - and the demands put on it - have changed out of all recognition.

A comprehensive case is made for the latest attempt at a shakeup of flight paths at the website www,letsgofurther.com

Residents can respond to the consultaqtion there, or by writing to The Consultation Co-ordinator, Edinburgh Airport, PO Box 17473, Edinburgh, EH12 1ND.

The meeting on Tuesday is at 7pm, and will be chaired by Neil Findlay MSP.