Readers’ views on fireworks

We asked four people in Bo’ness whether they thought fireworks were brilliant, or should be banned.

Ian Don (76) Bo’ness

Fireworks should be banned, they upset my dog and all dogs and are dangerous. Think of the kids!

Mike Munro (65) Bo’ness

I have to spend a lot of money getting drugs for my dog, he goes bananas. It is not just on November 5, it lasts about four weeks.

Esther Prentice (70) Bo’ness

There should be absolutely no fireworks, they are a nuisance. I am a retired vetinary nurse, and I know what they do to animals.

Donna Lampreia (33) Bo’ness

I would like to see them in a controlled setting, ticketed only. I don’t like it when kids can get hold of them.