Report bogus callers to the police

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POLICE are warning the public to be vigilant as bogus callers have been spotted.

There were a number of incidents last week where residents were approached at home by people offering to carry out unsolicited work on their property. On each occasion the residents turned the callers away and notified police.

A Lothian and Borders Police spokesman said: “There have been a number of incidents that have happened in towns across West Lothian where people have been approached and asked if they wanted any work carried out on their home. The type of work varies from hedge cutting to window cleaning and roofing work, and we are warning people to be on their guard if they receive an unsolicited call by anyone offering to carry out this kind of work at their property.

“If anyone has any suspicions over the intentions of any cold caller, then they should deny them access, and contact police immediately.”

Frank Anderson, executive councillor for communities, pictured right, added: “Sadly we still hear all too often that victims have fallen for bogus callers who often prey on the most vulnerable members of society.”

Anyone with information on incidents of cold calling should contact Linlithgow police station on 01506 843235 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.