Residents and council clash over ownership of Linlithgow road

Damage on road in Linlithgow not adopted by council that has led to the fall out
Damage on road in Linlithgow not adopted by council that has led to the fall out

An angry pensioner is sick and tired of fighting for the road he has lived on since 1971 to be officially recognised by West Lothian Council.

The issue has been ongoing for years but recently came to a head when a massive pothole appeared on the street which the council say they are not liable to fix.

Jim Grant (84) of 12 Barons Hill Road in Linlithgow said it mystifies him why the council won’t take ownership of the road, as the rest of the estate which was built in the early 1970’s has been adopted by the council.

He said: “All the residents are in agreement that there’s been a lack of action from the council.

“They’re quite content to sit on it and they think we’ll eventually go away.

“We’re paying our community charges the same as anyone else.”

He said the issue doesn’t affect his bin collections or similar services, it is only the repairs to the road which causes problems for the people who live on the street.

The area previously came under Linlithgow Town Council and changed hands a few times before coming under West Lothian Council and Mr Grant suspects that records of the road adoptions may not exist any more.

He said he has tried for many years to resolve this issue with the council but all they keep saying is that they’re in communication with their legal department and he never hears anything further.

A West Lothian Council spokesman said: “A full investigation into the road adoption status of part of Baron’s Hill Avenue, is currently taking place. At present, this section of the road is listed as private. Discussions have been ongoing with Mr Grant and other local residents and we will update them as our investigations are completed.”