Resignations are not linked to allegations

Donaldson's School, Linlithgow.
Donaldson's School, Linlithgow.

As the scandal which has engulfed Donaldson’s School grows, this week we report on the resignation of two governors.

The school was the first in 15 years to have been handed a section 66C order calling for an improvement plan to be submitted to the government within one week.

That plan has now been produced and is being considered by officials.

As a result of the fallout from revelations last week that Carol Binnie, acting head teacher, had been suspended in a ‘precautionary’ move, and that police were considering whether claims over alleged sexual offences necessitated full investigation, two of the schools governors, Mary Mulligan and Jan Miller, have now resigned.

However, the suspension and the allegations of possible offences are not linked. 
A spokesperson for Donaldson’s School said: “I can confirm that the Scottish Government is in receipt of our response and action plan.

“We continue to work closely with Education Scotland, the Care Inspectorate, Police Scotland and others to ensure the safety and well-being of the children and staff at the school.

“The Scottish Government will consider our response and report in due course.

“It would be inappropriate for Donaldson’s to go into any further detail at this stage.”

Laura Battles, Principal at Donaldson’s School, added: “I am overwhelmed by the assistance we are receiving from other agencies involved in the care and protection of children and young adults.

“Teachers, managers and staff at the school are demonstrating professionalism, loyalty and dedication to working swiftly and collectively to support the future needs of children and young people at Donaldson’s.”