Rig worker in bins row with Falkirk Council

Scottish Border green waste wheelie bin
Scottish Border green waste wheelie bin

A Bo’ness council house tenant has been left frustrated by the new three-weekly bin collection service introduced by Falkirk Council.

Off-shore worker Robert Niblo’s time at home conflicts with the bin collections and he claimed his had only been emptied twice in 12 weeks.

Mr Niblo (52) of Jamieson Avenue lives alone and has no family living locally.

His neighbours are elderly and he does not want to burden them with the chore of putting his bin out and collecting it after it is emptied.

The bins are collected on the day he goes off-shore for three weeks.

When he returns home after three weeks away he has missed the following collection.

Robert said: ‘‘Being away for so long at a time I’m conscious of the security of my property and don’t want my bin lying in the street and I’m not going to impose on elderly neighbours to ask them to bring it back in after it has been emptied.

‘‘I have raised the matter with my councillor who was sympathetic but Falkirk Council officials do not seem interested and were less than helpful.’’

A Falkirk Council spokesman said: “We are aware of this issue and have visited the property to discuss maximising the recycling opportunities available.

“We do provide an assisted collection service which is to provide help to residents who are unable to put their bins out for collection due to age, poor health or a disability.

“The resident does not meet any of these conditions and does not qualify for this service.”