Right this way for Linlithgow Rose Garden

230211 rose garden linlithgow
230211 rose garden linlithgow

Calls for signage to direct people to Linlithgow’s Rose Garden have been answered.

The Rose Garden, next to the Burgh Halls, will have new signs erected on the Kirkgate to let people know it is accessible to the public.

The request was just one from some local groups who feel the scenic spot is underused as many are hindered from using it.

John Aitken of Linlithgow Civic Trust said: “When the Burgh Halls were being refurbished, a tall wooden fence was put up sectioning off the Rose Garden from the grassy area on Market Lane, but it became a permanent fixture. Some people felt they didn’t want to go the garden if it meant they had to go through the Burgh Halls cafe first. If there were weddings on, you felt like you would be getting in the way.”

John added that he feels the fence should be removed, as you now cannot see the garden from Market Lane and it blocks out light for the flowers, and has suggested a more appropriate fence be put up, sectioning off the Burgh Halls from the garden. He added that visiting the Rose Garden should be positively encouraged with more signage, and that the garden needed a good dose of TLC.

A West Lothian Council spokesperson said they would not be separating the Rose Garden from the Burgh Halls, but would look at ways to improve the layout. They also confirmed they were putting up signs at the Kirk Gate to emphasise the public entrance.