Roadworks frustration

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breaking news

KEY roadworks in Queensferry have taken over two months to complete causing huge frustration for 
local residents.

David Scott of Linn Mill contacted the Queensferry Gazette this week at the end of his tether as he was not getting answers as to why work to upgrade the crossroads at Hopetoun Road, Stewart
Terrace and Bo’ness Road was not progressing.

He called the work a “shambles” adding: “The roadworks look like they have been abandoned and are now an eyesore and a safety hazard.”

He also suggested the crossing was more of a hazard than ever before, saying: “Travelling from Stewart Terrace, crossing the Bo’ness Road and going into Society Road rather than going straight across, drivers need to make a quick left, then a right, then a left.

‘‘In my view this junction has been made more dangerous and this new layout is going to cause accidents. The people of South Queensferry have had to put up with this for over two months now and need some answers.”

Keith Giblett of Queensferry District Community Council agreed there had been “unfortunate delays” in the work.

But he added: “The works haven’t been abandoned at all as there was new tar laid on Tuesday and minor work carried out filling cabling trenches. I am sure the road layout will be to the current road standards.

“But I don’t disagree that the works has become protracted and inconvenient to all who travel in this area.”

He added that the community council had been in touch with council officials over the last three weeks to hurry the work along.

Some of the frustration felt was due to confusion as to who was in charge of the project.

The upgrade is part of the Forth Crossing project but the work has been contracted out by City of Edinburgh Council. This week, the local authority apologised for the delay but also had good news for road users.

Councillor Lesley Hinds, transport convener, said: “As part of the measures to deliver the Forth Replacement Crossing, Transport Scotland asked the council to design and procure the construction of a new crossing near the junction of Hopetoun Road/Stewart Terrace/Bo’ness Road.

“Unfortunately there have been delays to the construction of the scheme, caused by a number of factors including amendments to kerbing and drainage details and, more recently, issues around the provision of a new street lighting layout for the scheme.

“I’m pleased to report that street lighting works are now finished and the contractor advises that the toucan crossing should be activated by the end of this week.”

A spokesman from Transport Scotland also confirmed this agreement but denied the new crossing was a “safety hazard” adding: “Safety is of paramount importance and staggered junctions are widely accepted to help reduce the number of conflict points at junctions.

‘‘In this instance the stagger from Hopetoun Road was introduced to increase the distance when turning left from the side into the new signalised crossing. This is to reduce the likelihood of vehicles turning left and running through a red light.”

He also added that as part of project, designs had been put in place to facilitate 
cyclists travelling to and from Stewart Terrace, as well as Hopetoun Road, as the crossing lies on the National Cycle Network.