Rogue puppy breeder warning

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READERS in Bo’ness, Linlithgow and South Queensferry are being warned to be on their guard against rogue puppy breeders, after research that one in free buy indirectly from puppy farmers.

Some breeders are hiding behind the anonymity of the internet, and by failing to protect their pups leave millions of buyers with hefty vet bills.

Now the Kennel Club has launched its Stop Puppy Farming campaign to clamp down on the practice.

A spokesman said: ‘‘Puppy farming is a cruel industry where puppies are bred from overused breeding bitches, without any regard for their health or wellbeing. More than a third of puppy buyers have bought their puppy from the internet, a pet shop or a newspaper advert; outlets often used for selling puppy farmed puppies.

‘‘Furthermore, as an additional sign that this trade is growing, almost half of puppy buyers did not see their puppy in its breeding environment. Puppy farmers commonly sell their puppies through pet shops or over the internet so that people will not see the horrific conditions the pups are bred in. The research found that 14 percent bought in pet shops, 10 percent picked their dog up from a motorway service station or other neutral location and 2 percent received a ‘mail order pup’ delivered straight to their door.

‘‘The health of these pups is likely to suffer as not only can they get skin conditions and terrible diseases like parvovirus as a result of the awful conditions, but to save money puppy farmers will not health test their dogs. More than half of puppy buyers did not receive a contract of sale or see relevant health test certificates for the puppy’s parents, which indicate how healthy the pup is likely to be. ‘‘

To view the Kennel Club’s film ‘STOP the Suffering, STOP Puppy Farming’ please visit