Sadly missed

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Latest news for Journal and Gazette

Linlithgow residents will be saddened to hear of the passing of community 
campaigner Cecil Creber.

He died at St John’s Hospital on December 1, aged 89 years, and his funeral was held at Falkirk Crematorium on Monday.

An active member of Linlithgow Community Council he was also heavily involved in the Townwatch scheme. Among the many things he campaigned for was the installation of a chairlift within the Burgh Halls for the elderly and disabled; CCTV to be installed on the High Street; the setting up of neighbourhood watch schemes across the town; and sourcing funding for a community 
police minibus.

He was known fondly in community council circles as “the ferret” for once he got his teeth into a project, he would never let go.

Brought up in Barrow-in-Furness, he joined the Royal Navy at a young age and was an engineer on warships which patrolled in the North Atlantic and South Pacific during World War Two.

He was also one of the first naval men to witness the devastation following the USA’s decision to drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima.

Cecil later joined the Merchant Navy and was also a marine inspector with the Department of Trade and Industry and was called upon to report on the Marchioness disaster in 1989 which claimed 51 lives on the River Thames as well report into the Torrey Canyon supertanker disaster in the English Channel in 1967.

Tam Dalyell said: “Most Linlithgow people would have known Cecil as the secretary of the town’s community council. What many did not know was that he had a distinguished career as Board of Trade inspecting engineer and who contributed significantly to river boat safety on the Thames.”

Mr Dalyell added: “I shall always remember him turning up at every surgery I had at the Burgh Halls to tell me what he was thinking. I valued Cecil greatly.”

Provost of West Lothian, Tom Kerr, also spoke highly of Cecil. “I got on exceedingly well with Cecil on two fronts, one as community campaigner, the other professionally as we both were of a marine engineering background. He was a great campaigner for things locally and will be sadly missed.

He leaves wife Jean and daughters Jenny and Mary and son Chris.