Safe fun in the sun for holiday season

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Schools are out for summer but a local awareness drive has been launched to ensure kids stay safe when having fun.

This year the Summer Safe West Lothian Campaign is 
focusing on water safety, with young people urged to stay safe around canals, lochs and other waterways.

Pupils at Linlithgow Bridge and Lowport primary schools were recently joined by West Lothian Council leader John McGinty and Sergeant John Jackson to jumpstart the campaign at Linlithgow Loch.

Council leader John McGinty said he didn’t want anything to spoil the fun adding: “Whether activities are planned, or not, it’s important that someone takes a few minutes to make sure everyone’s safety has been considered. No one wants to spoil the fun, and it’s important that children and young people have the chance to get active outdoors, especially in good weather.

“Water is our main focus this year and we would strongly discourage young people from unsupervised activities on water such as lochs or canals. Youngsters can swim for free during the holidays at council or Xcite pools across West Lothian, while courses such as those at the Lowport Centre in Linlithgow offer the fun and adventure of healthy outdoor activities under the supervision of qualified staff.”

Sergeant Jackson of the West Lothian Community Safety Unit, added: “Children will inevitably have more free time to play and exercise and parents/carers will want to ensure that their children are as safe as possible, in and around the home and when outside playing.”

Summer Safe West Lothian has been launched by West Lothian Council and community planning partners.