Safety on Linlithgow’s Union Canal

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The Linlithgow Union Canal Society (LUCS) ran a series of one hour safety cruises for pupils in local primary schools this week (14-17th May). The theme of ‘canal safety’ covered a range of topics. Pupils learned about a number of issues including safe cycling on the tow path, the dangers of thin ice during the winter, the inadvisability of accidentally drinking canal water (!) and the risks of horseplay near the canal banks. Although the canal only averages 1.5 metres at its deepest parts, the bed is made up of dangerously sticky puddle clay. Local community constable, PC Brian Reid, was on hand to lead the question and answer session on using the canal safely. LUCS’ volunteers used a number of cartoon safety cards to get pupils thinking.

Pupils from Linlithgow Primary, Linlithgow Bridge, Low Port, St Joseph’s, Springfield Primary and Bridgend attended the cruise week.