Sale of Victoria Halls could still be on the cards

The building could still be sold
The building could still be sold

Members of Linlithgow Victoria Halls Trust are hoping their luck may change and they will be able to buy the eyesore High Street building.

At a recent Linlithgow and Linlithgow Bridge town management meeting, Martin Crook, chairman of the community council, updated members on the progress of the project.

He revealed a site visit between trust members and the Scottish Government could lead to a rewrite of the articles of association 
to comply with the land 
reform act.

At present the act only applies to rural locations and Linlithgow is specifically excluded.

However, if the registration is accepted, owner Edinburgh firm Montreal Properties Ltd must sell the Victoria Halls to the trust.

The owners are looking to do away with the existing facade and construct either a retail business, a professional services establishment or a restaurant within two ground floor units.

The Victoria Halls Trust was set up in 2013 to look into the redevelopment of the derelict buildings and the group had proposed turning the property into a community film theatre – a project which the owners claimed was “pie in the sky” back in April.

Trust spokesman Ron Smith said: “It’s been an eyesore in the High Street that needs redevelopment and if something could be done along the general lines of this planning application then that would be a good thing.”