Savage garden

100511 lowport ps pupils at vandalised garden
100511 lowport ps pupils at vandalised garden
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a scene of devastation met pupils at Low Port Primary when they returned to school after the Easter holidays.

Broken bottles were strewn all over the ground of the sensory garden, with plants pulled up, vegetable patch torn apart, and the bug mansion and garden arch kicked over.

The damage prompted a number of primary seven children to write to the Journal and Gazette about what had happened. P7 Keir Hunter said: “All the pupils of Low Port were deeply upset to find that at some point during the Easter holidays our school garden has been mercilessly vandalised.”

P7 Cairistiona Cockburn added: “All our hard work has been put to waste as our arch has been kicked over, our insect house has fallen over and our plants pulled up out the ground.”

The award winning garden was opened in 1999 by First Minister Alex Salmond and principal teacher Lynda Stobie is disappointed at the mess it’s been left in.

She said: “It’s such a shame. The archway was kicked in and pot plants were emptied. The Bug Mansion came about after an ex-pupil left the school some money for the garden. There were Bucky bottles and when I took some of the kids out to see the mess, they were appalled. A lot of work has gone into the garden.”

She added: “It could have been worse and everything can be rectified, but it is a shame. We could take things away like the bench to make it less inviting for drinkers, but why should we? This is for the children.”

The sensory garden was designed for use by all school pupils with each class having an area to tend. CCTV covering the town was facing the wrong way when the vandalism happened.

P7 Clare Fischbacher said: “We are writing to ask for your help to stop these cruel people and help Linlithgow become a better place.”

Linlithgow police sergeant John Jackson said there were currently no suspects regarding the incident but appealed for anybody that saw anything to come forward. He added that one of the CCTV cameras covering the town would now be moved to include the garden, after being contacted by the Journal and Gazette.