Save time with a postal Indy vote

Ballot Box - will you be using one?
Ballot Box - will you be using one?

Voters in the Falkirk area are encouraged to consider postal voting in next month’s independence referendum

Falkirk Council is keen to make them of the advantages and the process for registration.

At the European Elections in May 2014 only 10.7 per cent of voters in the area had a postal vote, the lowest percentage in Scotland.

You can register to vote by post up to 11 days before the referendum. Forms are available at Bo’ness Library or by phoning the council election office on 01324 506104 or Forms are sent automatically to those already registered to vote by post.

Rose Mary Glackin, counting officer for the Falkirk Council area said: “Applying for a postal vote is easy and could save you time on September 18. Voting by post may suit people who find it difficult to get about or are leading busy lives and might find it difficult to get to their polling station on the day.”

Voters’ registration is on