School goes Radio Ga Ga

251011 Launch of Radio gaga at queensferry high school.
251011 Launch of Radio gaga at queensferry high school.
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THE Lady herself may have stayed away but Forth One’s Boogie made it along for the re-launch of Queensferry High School’s new radio station — Radio Gaga.

The presenter was invited to Queensferry last Thursday to launch the radio station — the only school in the Edinburgh area to have one.

The radio equipment was installed in 2008 as part of the school’s School of Ambition funding and the Queensferry Jubilee FM station was broadcast from the school during Ferry Fair week. After Jubilee FM folded the equipment was never used to its full potential.

While the station did get off the ground last year, interest has been revitalised this school session.

It can now be heard throughout the school at break and lunchtimes serving up a variety of live and pre-recorded shows, both presented and edited by pupils.

To help launch the event and raise awareness of the station, sixth year pupil Becca Hunter, who is the station manager, invited along Forth One early-morning presenter Andrew Bouglas to do the honours. Not only did he cut the ribbon but was happy to be interviewed too.

He was quizzed by pupils Sam McNab (S2) and Brodie Meikle (S6), and afterwards Boogie discussed the ins-and-outs of radio broadcasting with the Radio Gaga team and staff.

Boogie said: “I’m impressed with the set up here - it’s fantastic. There was nothing like it when I was at school. It’s good that the teachers are involved, and even better that the kids are so enthusiastic to be on air.”

English teacher Joel Caldicott, who along with Cat McTaggart (music) and Gill Howie (drama) sit in on the pupil-driven radio team meetings to offer staff support and guidance, said: “Boogie was excellent, both with staff and pupils! A big congratulations goes to Becca Hunter for overseeing the whole thing and to Cat for organising from the staff perspective.

‘‘The school has been really impressed by the pupil radio team for their ideas, commitment and technical know-how in getting the radio station off the ground.”

Station manager Becca said: “The shows during school time are mostly pre-recorded, however we are changing this and are doing more live shows so the presenters gain more experience and confidence.’’

Listen to snippets and interviews on their website at