School toilet camera plan ‘under review’

controversial CCTV policy in schools is under review after a meeting held last Friday.

Representatives from the Information Commissioners Office and West Lothian Council officials met after an education executive decision in March gave approval for CCTV in school toilets.

A council spokesman said: “I can confirm that we had a productive meeting with representatives from the Information Commissioner’s Office on the issue of the council’s CCTV in schools policy. We found the meeting very useful and we will be amending our policy in line with the recommendations made concerning the use of CCTV in sensitive areas.”

Probed as to how the policy would change, he added: “The revised policy is being worked on and when it is completed we will share it with the Assistant Information Commissioner. It will be presented to the Education Executive for approval. It isn’t appropriate to comment further at this time.”

On March 25, the Journal and Gazette reported that councillors had approved guidelines that allowed for West Lothian schools to put cameras into sink areas and changing room if parents and staff backed the plans. Under the approved guidelines, CCTV would need to be signposted and not concealed, and schools would regularly review their use, but local parent councils voiced concerns about taking extreme lengths in the protection of children.