Scotland rejects independence

Scotland has rejected calls for independence.
Scotland has rejected calls for independence.
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The people of Scotland have spoken and clearly said ‘No’ to Independence.

And that decision was replicated across the three council areas comprising Journal and Gazette readers.

When the votes were counted it was revealed that, in a massive 84.51 per cent turn-out, the No campaign had won, gathering 55.3 per cent of the poll, a total of 2,001,926 votes.

The Yes campaigners had to be content with 44.7 per cent of the vote (1,617,989 votes).

Just four council areas across Scotland voted for Independence but voters in the Journal and Gazette circulation area which includes Falkirk Council, West Lothian Council and City of Edinburgh Council voted to retain the Union.

Individual local results:

Falkirk Council - Yes 50,489 (47 per cent), No 58,030 (53 per cent), turn-out 88.7 per cent; West Lothian - Yes 53,342 (45 per cent); No 65,682 (55 per cent), turn-out 86.2 per cent); City of Edinburgh - Yes 123,927 (39 per cent); No 194,638 (61 per cent), turn-out 84.4 per cent.

First Minister Alex Salmond conceded defeat around 6.30pm after Fife Council’s return signalled a win for the No supporters.

Mr Salmond said: ‘‘The unionist parties made vows late in the campaign to devolve more powers to Scotland.

“Scotland will expect these to be honoured in rapid course.’’

Alistair Darling, leader of the Better Together campaign, commented: “We have chosen unity over division.

“Today is a momentous day for Scotland and the United Kingdom as a whole.”