Scouting for litter at Party at the Palace in Linlithgow takes group closer to new hall

4th West Lothian Scouts scouting for litter at Party at the Palace
4th West Lothian Scouts scouting for litter at Party at the Palace

The scouts worked like little ants to clear up after Party at the Palace all in the name of raising funds for their new hall.

Volunteers from the 4th West Lothian Scouts spent three days picking litter between performances at the festival and stayed behind after everyone left to make sure the place was spick and span.

Paul Charlton, group scout leader, said a donation from the organisers took them a step closer to opening their new scout hall, and watching world class musicians wasn’t too shabby either.

He said: “It’s hard work but it’s also good fun.

“The punters were excellent, everyone was chatting to us. When an act came on we didn’t pick up litter so we did get to watch a few of the acts.

“We did it for them last year and we did such a good job that they asked us back again this year.”

There were 25 scouts and parent helpers who attended over the two days of the festival and again on Monday to do a final sweep of the park.

Paul added: “A few volunteers enjoyed it so much on the Saturday they asked to come back on Sunday.

“The unseen bit is that we stay behind once everyone’s gone. This year it was only just an hour extra after it finished.

“Last year we stayed back two and a half hours but, just like the organisers, we’ve improved our process.”

Paul hopes the group will be asked back again next year to help out at the festival. He said the organisers can rely on them to do a good job and remain focused on the task at hand.