Search for history of local trophy

300713  Journal and gazette cup.
300713 Journal and gazette cup.

The search is on to find the background to another 
trophy that has been unearthed in the Linlithgow Gazette office.

The trophy, The Journal and Gazette Cup, is a silver plated cup but we are not sure what it was competed for.

There is a list of winners dating back from 1972 up to 1994 and then it ceases.

The winners, inscribed on the trophy are: 1972 D Hardie; 1973-74 R McCabe; 1975-79 T Henderson; 1980 G Anderson; 1981 R McCabe; 1982-87 G Anderson; 1988 D Begg; 1989 D Neilson; 1990-94 H Clunas.

A mystery still remains over the other trophy found in our office prior to departure from Linlithgow.

The Donald Neil Cricket Shield dates back to 1924 and was an inter-works competition competed for just four years.

If anyone has any information relating to the Journal and Gazette Cup or the Donald Neil Cricket Shield, please get in touch with the Journal and Gazette at Unit 4a Gateway Business Park, Beancross Road, Grangemouth, FK3 8WZ or email editorial@ journaland