Shipbreaking arrival

This week in 1913

BROKEN UP: On Sunday afternoon the Spanish Transatlantic steamer, Isla De Luzon, arrived off Bridgeness for the Forth Shipbreaking Company, and the same evening was successfully beached. The vessel was to have sailed from Barcelona on March 3, but was refused a certificate of sea-worthiness.The Shipbreaking Company found a way out of the difficulty by having the steamer transferred to the British flag.

CENSUS RETURNS: According to the preliminary report on the recent census of Scotland, the population of the Burgh of Linlithgow was returned as 4002. The Registrar-General also confirmed the population of the county as 79,456 — 20.9 per cent moer than in 1901. The population of the county in 1801 was 17,644.

REGAL VISIT: At the meeting of Linlithgow Town Council on Tuesday night, Provost Jamieson said that the council were now looking forward to a visit from the King — an event regarding which they were quite jubilant. The Council respectfully expressed the loyal enthusiasm with which the burgh learned of the visit.

Money well spent

This week in 1963

HALLS RE-OPENED: The renovated Burgh Halls of Linlithgow, described as the finest in the county and beyond, were formally opened by Provost James Lawrie last Friday. There has been much criticism of the Council at the spending of about £33,000 on the renovation, but one chief critic, upon visiting, later admitted that he had been wrong and considered the money had been well spent.

PROVOST CASH: Bo’ness Town Council accepted a Finance Committee recommendation last Thursday evening to increase the Provost’s annual allowance from £150 to £175. Provost Robert Ross thanked the Council for their gesture.

PRESIDENTIAL VISIT: At the Town Council meeting last week, it was revealed that Dr. Farvepalli Radhakrishnan, the President of India, will be visiting Queensferry on Saturday morning. The President is on a Commonwealth visit and will be received by the Lord Lieutenant Col. H. M. Cadell, OBE. He will view the road bridge, have lunch at Gleneagles and thereafter go to Pitlochry to see the hydro-electic power station.

SNP chopper fails

This week in 1983

NO FLY-ZONE: Scottish National Party Chairman Gordon Wilson was due to arrive Linlithgow last Friday but his plans for a helicopter landing in the Peel had to be abandoned. The National Trust own the land and refused landing permission. He was scheduled to campaign in Bathgate.Mr Wilson was then given permission to land at Meadowpark but bad weather forced the pilot to land at Glasgow instead. He then thad to get a car and drive to all the way to West Lothian.

EX-PAT PRIEST: A Linlithgow man was ordained as a priest in the United States of America last week. And the Rev. Father Gerald Brady must have had thoughts of home during the ceremony as it took place in a St Michael’s Cathedral in a city called Springfield — both well-known names in Linlithgow.

TOURIST SPOT: The historic Little Mill and Linlithgow Bridge is on course to open as a tourist attraction by the end of the summer. The first steps have been taken to ensure the 900-year-old mill building is retained for future generations.

War weapons found

This week in 2003

CONTROLLED EXPLOSION: A popular country park was closed to visitors when workmen uncovered a cache of explosives. The Second World War vintage phosphorus grenades were found near Muiravonside Park’s visitor centre by workmen repairing drains. One of the bottle-shaped containers was accidentally smashed and the contents immediately ignited when exposed to the air. The rest of the containers were destroyed under controlled circumstances by Army’s Explosive Ordinance Division.

PLANT NOISE: BP will restart the G4 ethylene plant following a successful planned maintenance shut down. The process will take around 48 hours and residents have been warned to expect some flaring and noise. BP has pledged to minimise nuisance and agreed to a Monday start date to avoid spoiling people’s weekend.

ROSEY TRIUMPH: Linlithgow Rose roared back to winning ways as they thrashed Bathgate 5-0 to lift the Streamline Taxis Cup. The players finally lifted silverware following last week’s Junior Cup heartache. Striker Davie Flynn grabbed a hat-trick .