Show of support for city service

The new 40 service by Stagecoach
The new 40 service by Stagecoach

Bus users in Queensferry have welcomed the introduction of the new 40/40A service to the city centre.

Stagecoach launched the service on Monday, offering free journeys.

Just five days since its launch, the new service has proved popular with users, especially the £3 day return.

Both Stagecoach and the First 43 service will continue to operate the city centre route until April 20 when the latter will then pull out.

Andrew Jarvis, managing director of Stagecoach East Scotland, said: “Although still early days, we’re delighted with the number of passengers choosing to try our new 40 service so far and are certainly encouraged by the positive comments received too.

“We’ve been closely monitoring the punctuality of our journeys to ensure we can quickly recognise any minor timing issues. And I’m pleased to report that so far we haven’t encountered any problems.

“As with all our routes we’ll continue to monitor the service in terms of usage and reliability to provide the best possible service to our customers.”