Skilled construction jobs pledge from WL Council

Council homes offer job hopes
Council homes offer job hopes

West Lothian Council’s new build council housing programme is continuing with a commitment to providing training and employment opportunities.

West Lothian Council is building 1000 new council homes by 2017 across all nine council ward sites. The construction project is one of the biggest council housing projects in the country.

Working with construction partners the council is ensuring that providing new council housing also brings wider benefits to the community.

Through the programme the council is planning to create a total of 36 new jobs in construction by contract completion.

In addition, contractors will also be required to offer a total of 37 new apprenticeships as well as employment to nine new graduates seeking work in the construction industry.

Training programmes will also be supported as a means of generating further benefits from the house-building programme.

Work-based training will be provided for a total of 179 employees including those who are subcontracted to the contract.

George Paul, executive councillor for services to the community, said: “The council implemented a programme in West Lothian.

‘‘This demonstrates that we are committed to maximising community benefits through our activities by including specific obligations on the contractors we employ to provide employment and training procurement opportunities to the residents of West Lothian.

‘‘The new build council house programme is an example of how this is operating in practice.’’