Sky’s the limit

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BY taking the plunge, Liz Adamson set her fundraising total for Cancer Research soaring - with the Bo’ness mum making an adrenaline-boosting £1300 from her sky dive.

Liz (45) of Gauze Court was moved into performing the daring feat by the recent diagnosis of her mum and two friends with the disease.

And she was not daunted, saying: “I’d just always fancied being thrown out a plane! I don’t have a fear of heights and just thought I would like it!”

That was fortunate, as Liz was 10,000 feet high when she made the tandem dive out the tiny plane with no door at Strathallan air field recently. While initially windy, conditions soon calmed down on the 20-25 minute descent.

“It was beautiful scenery - when the parachute opened up it was absolutely amazing, it was so peaceful and still I could have just lived up there!”

Watching and ready to greet her at ground level were husband Jim (46) and parents Ann and Tom Newbigging, both 69, of Kinglass Avenue.

Her three sons Jamie (27), Nickie (22) and Blair (18) were busy working at Jamie’s Shine and Dine car wash business in Bo’ness.

A sponsor sheet at Maryanne’s and a Burns the Butchers collection box helped to raise the cash windfall along with support from friends and family.

“I’m just really grateful to everybody that backed me,” said Liz.

“It’s such a worthy charity and such a lot of people are touched by it.”