SLIDESHOW - Anniversary is a waltz for dancers

The Ballet Schools, 10th anniversary exhibition
The Ballet Schools, 10th anniversary exhibition

The Ballet School, Linlithgow, has just celebrated its 10th anniversary with what has been hailed as their best show so far.

The event, which took place at Linlithgow Academy, featured the skills of over 100 artistes in a dazzling display choreographed to perfection.

It was a slick occasion with a sound and lighting set-up to match the performances and the quality of the costumes.

The 25 performances ranged from Disney to Swan Lake, Boogie Woogie Bugle to Hoedown Throwdown.

The organisation, set up and run by Lyn Fitzimons, provides dance classes in Linlithgow, Livingston and Edinburgh.

The classes range from jazz, classical ballet, tap and pointework. The Ballet Schools are rich in opportunities for children and adults with a passion for dance.

They aspire to unlock that special something within each person, providing many different expressive and exciting dance experiences even from children as young as three years old.

After commencing her training at Glasgow Ballet School, Lyn progressed to the Dance School of Scotland for five years. At the age of 16 she was awarded a coveted place at The Royal Ballet School in London.

Based in Paris, Lyn performed and toured professionally for eight years.

In 2001, she then returned to Scotland and now balances her busy schedule between Edinburgh and London teaching choreographic commissions including directing and sometimes still performing with The Ballet Schools.

Lyn said: “Every boy, girl and adult dancer matters hugely to The Ballet Schools and we wouldn’t be much of a dance school if that wasn’t the case.

‘‘Our website outlines our schools – our dance programmes, our weekly schedules and our studio locations – it cannot, however encapsulate all that The Ballet Schools are.

‘‘Everyone involved is at the heart of these schools, the pupils, the teachers, our parents and our adult dancers.”

To top off what has been a phenomenal year for Lyn and her students, she has just learned that three of her dancers are graduating to Scottish Ballet and The Dance School of Scotland in Glasgow.