SLIDESHOW - Oz-some show from LAMP...

The Wizard of Oz surely has to be one of the most loved movies of all time with a wonderful story.

So, it was quite a joy to find out LAMP Children’s Theatre was set to tackle it this spring.

LAMP production of Wizard of Oz (juniors) Linlithgow Academy.

LAMP production of Wizard of Oz (juniors) Linlithgow Academy.

This is a story with many themes including the wide divide between those who lack self-confidence and those who have the essential gift of self-belief and this energetic cast certainly performed with a good measure of assurance at Linlithgow Academy Theatre.

The show began in Kansas with the tough but kindly Aunt Em, played with a pleasing naturalism by Freya Anderson, trying to calm Dorothy’s wild imagination.

Dorothy is, of course, a role to reckon with but Hannah Ritchie tackles it with great energy and enthusiasm.

The action quickly moves forward to the cyclone which transports the unsuspecting Dorothy to Munchkinland where she is hailed as a saviour for killing The Wicked Witch of The East.

Here, she meets the Good Witch (Chiara McDougall) who, perfectly cast, bathes the audience in a marvellous glow with her ethereal quality.

On our trip to the Emerald City we meet Dorothy’s new friends, the Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion, who all perform their memorable song and dance routines with Connor Watt’s delightfully gangly Scarecrow outstanding.

This show is full of great musical numbers and some simple, yet effective choreography, not to mention the impressive set and costumes.