Slideshow: Property of the Week

It was the location that first attracted the Williams family to their Linlithgow home.

And while that remained important, it was the transformation of their house from a young couple’s paradise with plenty of room to spare, to a place filled with children’s rooms and playthings that will remain in their memories.

Chris Williams and his wife bought the Riccarton Road house seven years ago when re-locating.

‘‘We were moving back up from London,’’ he said. ‘‘My wife got a job in Edinburgh and I got a job in Glasgow. We had always liked Linlithgow, so it seemed the obvious choice.

‘‘The location was really important because the house was near the station and the town. But my main memory is of the growing up of the children - that’s what I will remember most.’’

Mr and Mrs Williams brought up three children in the house, two girls, now aged six and four and their youngest is a boy aged two. ‘When the kids came along, location was important again because of the proximity of Beecraigs, to get plenty of going out and about, and the school,’’ said Mr Williams.