Slower is safer as 20 mph limit is set

20 mph will soon be introduced in Queensferry
20 mph will soon be introduced in Queensferry

Only three roads in Queensferry will be exempt from the 20mph speed limit due to be implemented by the city council.

As city councillors voted this week to introduce 20mph speed limits across the citywide area only the Bo’ness Road and the B800 will remain at 30mph while Builyeon Road stays at 40mph.

Streets in Scotstoun and Echline, close to schools, have already implemented a 20mph limit but the remainder will be introduced over the next three years.

In neighbouring Kirkliston, just Path Brae and Newliston Road will retain the 30mph limit.

The city council states the 20mph limits will encourage more considerate driving, leading to safer streets for all road users, including motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. It claims lower speeds reduce the risk and severity of road


The council’s transport leader Lesley Hinds said: “We were absolutely delighted with the huge response to our consultation in the autumn and it’s great to be moving on to the stage of finalising exactly which streets will become 20mph, provided the necessary Traffic Regulation Orders are secured.

Queensferry and District Community Council transport convener Grant Sangster said of the decision: ‘‘Whenever we

ask the local community about these plans, the response is in line with the city council’s findings: people are strongly in favour of speed limit reductions without using traffic calming.

‘‘On wide streets drivers might feel the lower limit is onerous, although travelling the full length of Scotstoun Avenue at 20mph instead of 30mph only adds thirty seconds to the journey time.

‘‘The implications remain to be seen and we’re pleased the scheme will be reviewed annually.’’