SNP call for Labour to reveal their coalition

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THE SNP at West Lothian Council has accused the Labour group of ‘pretending’ to be a minority administration.

This week, Councillor Peter Johnston, leader of the SNP group, called on Labour to reveal they were in fact part of a coalition agreement, adding: “On May 10, Labour declined the opportunity to form a minority administration and instead did a deal with the Conservative and Independent.

’’Our council’s values are declared as being ‘honest, open and accountable’ so surely our new Labour/Conservative/Independent council administration should publish in full the details of their coalition agreement.

“For Labour to pretend to be a minority administration, with the loyal support of Councillors Kerr and Borrowman just accidental, is entirely laughable.”

Councillor Tom Kerr is Conservative and Councillor Stuart Borrowman is an independent.

But Labour group leader John McGinty called Councillor Johnston’s comments “bizarre”, adding: “The plain fact of the matter is that West Lothian Council is now run by a minority Labour Administration. Councillor Johnston’s increasingly desperate efforts to deny this is more to do with deflecting hard questions about why the SNP lost the council elections under his leadership than anything else.”