Social hub is key part of town plan

Bo'ness and Blackness action plan launch
Bo'ness and Blackness action plan launch

The new five-year plan for Bo’ness and Blackness includes a wide-ranging wish list for improvements to both communities.

It called for the building of a new community hub for social and sporting activities for Bo’ness at Newtown Park; the development of Kinneil Estate, and the promotion of the local Roman and industrial heritage. It also sought the improvement of transport links to Edinburgh and Linlithgow, continued town and harbour regeneration in Bo’ness, and a village cafe for Blackness.

The suggested community hub using land at Newtown Park was deemed a top priority and the Newtown Park Assocation are ‘on the verge’ of seeing the land transferred to them.

Their aim is to ‘‘return the park to the people of Bo’ness.’’ A spokesman said:‘‘We want to provide new opportunities to allow more people of all ages and abilities to participate in sport and recreational pastimes, have a positive impact on health improvement, increased job opportunities and crime reduction. This is to help strengthen the community by becoming a focal point for a range of community-based activities but it’s more than just football.’’