Stars and stripes in Linlithgow

300312  Donaldsons school america day.
300312 Donaldsons school america day.
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Donaldson’s School staged a special event to celebrate the launch of the Lin’Olympics.

It is a collaborative project with all the Linlithgow schools to celebrate the Olympic Games.

Donaldson’s will be representing the USA at the Lin’Olympics, and held a special day to celebrate all things American!

PE teacher Shirley Miller, who co-ordinated the event said: “America Day was a great success with lots of positive feedback

‘‘ It was a fantastic day with lots of themed decorations, cheerleading, line dancing, baton twirling, hip hop dancing, presentations and much more.

‘‘The whole school was involved in the event and parents were invited to come along.

‘‘It was very interactive with American Sign Language lessons and an American themed lunch too. With a raffle and quiz, the day was packed full of activity.”

To mark the launch of the Lin’Olympics each school was given an oak tree, which had been donated by the Central Scotland Forest Trust.

The tree was planted by pupils and staff in the grounds of the school.

Donaldson’s is now looking forward to the opening ceremony of the Lin’Olympic Games when it takes place on May 8 at Linlithgow Rose’s football ground involving around 1800 pupils.