Station parking problems at Dalmeny

310112  SQ . Parking on asbourneham loan.
310112 SQ . Parking on asbourneham loan.

Queensferry residents are concerned over the increasing number of rail commuters at Dalmeny Station who park cars indiscriminately on nearby streets.

Most days, commuters unable to park at Dalmeny Station have to find alternative parking, namely neighbouring streets Ashburnham Loan or Station View.

While no action can be taken against those motorists, calls are being made for the city council to take a broader view of parking problems across the town.

On Tuesday, our photographer snapped up to eight vehicles parked on Ashburnham Loan from its junction with Station Road.

And reports on the Queensferry and District Community Council’s social networking site stated that residents living in this street were concerned that these parked cars had the potential to obstruct motorists’ vision and could lead to an accident.

It was also highlighted residents found it an inconvenience if they met a car in the other direction, as they had to reverse back down the street.

Almond ward councillor Norman Work has also been made aware of the problem and even met with residents last Friday to hear their concerns.

The nub of the problem lies with the fact that Dalmeny Station car park cannot cope with demand and, while there are proposals to increase the number of parking spaces by more than 60, the move is tied to the sale of the Agilent site and will not happen in the forseeable future.

Keith Giblett, chairman of the town’s community council, said: “We are aware of the issues regarding there not being enough parking spaces at Dalmeny Station.

‘‘While it is an inconvenience for those living in nearby streets, what is the alternative, double yellow lines and then cars parked on Station Road?”

He said: “There are parking issues across the whole of Queensferry of which we are in extensive discussions with the city council.

‘‘The fact that people have raised it on our Facebook page means we can now highlight those complaints to the city council on behalf of the community.”

Mr Giblett added the community council was set to meet with Agilent bosses next week and he proposes to raise the question if they would be willing to allow their former staff car park to be used as an temporary overspill for commuters.

After the meeting with residents, Councillor Work said: “It is one of those situations where it is really annoying for residents trying to get out of their street.

‘‘Ideally, we may need to look at ways of creating a layby as a passing place.”

He added: “I think the problem is only temporary. Once the Agilent site is developed there will be an additional car park and pedestrian access from Scotstoun to Dalmeny Station will re-open.”