Steel yourself for battle at the Peel

Jousting at Linlithgow Palace.
Jousting at Linlithgow Palace.

The clash of arms will ring out across Linlithgow Peel as spectacular jousting makes a welcome return to the town.

Noble knights will do battle for fair maidens on both Saturday and Sunday afternoon of this weekend.

The colourful event only comes to the town every second year and a big crowd is surely guaranteed for this fun for all the family occasion.

There is a whole host of supporting attractions as well including a juggling jester, and recruits will be sought to inlist in the kids’ army.

There’s also a storyteller who will tell how a group of Scottish soldiers attempted to retake Linlithgow Palace under the noses of English heavy cavalry.

And in the ‘‘wappinshaw’’ no quarter will be given as soldiers on foot clash in an attempt to impress their ‘‘monarch’’.

With falconry being a suitably courtly pastime, the court falconer will give displays during the afternoon and there will also be a pupper show and a chance to learn how and why knights dressed for battle and to see how a lady was expected to dress for attendance on the court.