Stop ruining things for me Smith

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I know there’s a lot of anger in the world at the moment but I want to add to it – on a more trivial note, however.

A trip in the car down the A1 to Durham was going fine. We had Stevie Wonder’s Definitive Collection on the CD player – it’s an old jalopy, no Bluetooth for music – and singing along quite the thing until I Wish came on and all I could think of was that idiot Will Smith.

He totally ruined that song for me when he did a stupid cover of it for his Wild Wild West song for his stupid 1999 film of the same name and that’s all that was going through my head instead of Stevie’s version.

I’m a massive Stevie Wonder fan, the man is a bona fide genius and amazing human being, Will Smith is not.

Usually I have good thoughts when listening to Stevie but, thanks to Smith, bad ones crept in.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike the guy. I think he’s entertaining and funny and some of his stuff is quite good. I used to love the Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Summertime is one of my favourite tunes from back in the day.

I even thought he was quite good in the movie Hitch with Kevin James, not that it’s a great movie or anything, but he should stick to that kind of stuff, or doing sketches with his dowtrodden Fresh Prince cousin Carlton, which are hilarious.

Smith also managed to ruin Michael Mann’s Ali film for me with a wooden performance that didn’t do the boxing legend justice whatsoever in my view.

If you want to know how to cover classics Smith – or ‘Big Willie’ as he likes to call himself, an apt name if you ask me – see Ed Sheeran on the Grammys tribute to Stevie Wonder when he did his version of I Was Made To Love Her. Goosebumps.

Smith was notably absent from performing at that one thankfully.

Stick to what you’re good at Smith and stay away from the classics please.

Or I might have to come out to the Wild Wild West for a showdown.