Stories sought for ‘scrapbook’

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A exciting digital storytelling project surrounding the the Forth Bridges has been launched.

The ‘Forth Bridges Scrapbooks’ is a way for the general public who hold fond memories and experiences of the Forth Bridges to record those for posterity and to share them.

As part of the Forth Bridges Festival 2014, the project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, is designed to offer the local community and bridge enthusiasts the chance to create a lasting legacy of the Forth Bridges.

Veteran workers of the Forth Road Bridge have already contributed a wealth of material. For one worker, the standard uniform was a hard hat and a pair of Doc Marten boots with string tied around the ankles to stop the updraft; and 1960’s health and safety measures is one of many themes highlighted by such tales.

By making a digital scrapbook and contributing images, film, letters and digitised objects, contributors add to what is a unique resource of information about the heritage of the Bridges, through the eyes of those who witnessed their creation and continue to visit or live near them.

An exhibition, ‘By the Bridges’, which will run throughout the Festival, will explore stories in more depth and celebrate ancestry-related links to the Bridges.

The website is now live