Success for police ‘day of action’

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SEVEN people have been arrested following a police day of action in West Lothian.

As part of the national Campaign Against Violence day, which took place on Friday, April 15, in various areas across Scotland, police in West Lothian provided an increased presence throughout the county to detect crime and identify those responsible for committing a number of offences.

A total of 46 officers from across the country provided additional resources to West Lothian policing teams and carried out a range of duties including warrant executions, checks on offenders and stop and searches.

Officers who currently perform back office roles were also deployed during the CAV day to assist with frontline policing either - out on patrol or providing specialist support.

As a result of this activity, seven people were arrested for various warrant offences, with one further warrant being paid off.

Police also carried out inspections at 49 pubs, clubs and off-licences throughout West Lothian to ensure they were adhering to the terms of their licence.

Across the region, 16 dedicated CAV patrols were carried out to engage with the public, offer reassurance and conduct inspections of areas where violence has been identified as a local concern.

A policing priority for the Lothians and Scottish Borders is tackling domestic abuse and during the CAV day, police gathered numerous new pieces of information and intelligence, which will be progressed by officers in due course.

The day was well received by the local communities and further CAV days are scheduled to take place within the Lothians and Borders in the future.

Superintendent Andrew Allan said: “The public were undoubtedly reassured to see such a robust police presence across West Lothian on Friday and officers were able to deal with a range of issues, while sending a message that violence in any form will not be tolerated.

“As well as identifying and arresting individuals for criminal offences, police also gathered information from the community, which will now be assessed and acted upon accordingly.

“Alcohol plays a substantial role during a large number of violent incidents and staff and licensees were visited to remind them of their licensing responsibilities.

“Police Scotland are committed to tackling violence and preparations are already underway for more CAV days throughout the division.

“I would like to thank our colleagues from across the country, whose assistance and support made Friday’s activity a success.”