Supermarket’s sweetener for Romania appeal

Sainsbury's get behind Gazette appeal
Sainsbury's get behind Gazette appeal

The Journal and Gazette’s Romanian appeal has found another high-ranking supporter – Sainsbury’s.

The Linlithgow branch of the supermarket giant has been following our appeal in recent weeks and felt it was a worthy cause deserving of support.

Gazette appeal gains Sainsbury's support

Gazette appeal gains Sainsbury's support

Sainsbury’s is now arranging to publicise the appeal in-store to its own staff, the public and through its various networks, asking people to knit baby goods which can then be shipped to those who need them most.

Anne Wilkinson’s story on the plight of the forgotten people in Romania touched our hearts and the rest, as they say, is history.

The appeal has gone from strength to strength and has quite obviously resonated with our readers as donations continue to flood in.

Anne said: “Knitted goods are great as they are warm and vital in the care of newborn babies.

“It must be remembered that when we intend leaving Linlithgow in September, winter won’t be very far away in Romania.”

Sainsbury’s store manager Scott Mcneill said: “Supporting charity and the community is one of our key values. So we are looking forward to working with our local community, asking our customers and colleagues to knit babywear to donate to this very worthy cause.

“Even if you can’t knit, donations of wool or knitting needles would be a huge help.

“Following the success of the African Fish ‘n’ Chip baby jumper appeal last year, we know the Romanian Appeal is something everyone will really get behind.”

The support is certainly much needed in Romania, especially in outlying parts of the country.

These are families that have, in some cases, no running water supplies, having to draw whatever water they need from a communal well.

There are very few homes connected to an electricity supply, with many families having to make do with open fires and stoves for heating and cooking.

House roofs, unlike our homes, do not always consist of tiles or slates but a rudimentary system of wood and plastic sheeting.

Donations will make a huge difference to these families.