Survey by Linlithgow MSP shows people suffered from new flight path

Edinburgh airports trial flight path upset residents
Edinburgh airports trial flight path upset residents

Over 80 per cent of people living under the Edinburgh Airport trial flight noticed a change in noise levels according to a survey conducted by Linlithgow MSP Fiona Hyslop.

More than 2000 people responded to the survey which also found 91 per cent of residents did not receive any correspondence from the airport after it was introduced on June 25.

It was announced the trial is to be suspended on October 28, two months earlier than initially anticipated.

Ms Hyslop said: “It is quite remarkable that 91 per cent of people received no communication from Edinburgh Airport yet, despite having only two and a half members of staff and a small team of volunteers, I managed to personally contact thousands of houses individually in the affected areas.

“The findings are quite stark with 83 per cent of all respondents noting a change in noise levels and, of those, over 60 per cent in Bridgend and Springfield have found the noise either noticeable and intrusive or unacceptable and disturbing when they are outdoors.”

After a co-ordinated campaign led by residents with the help of local politicians and activists, it was announced at a public meeting last month that the trial would be stopped early.

Ms Hyslop said: “Having secured commitment from the airport that they won’t move directly to consultation on a finalised path, we must use this survey to ensure that the CAA is aware how unacceptable this flight path is.”

Chief executive of Edinburgh Airport Gordon Dewar said at the public meeting in September he would listen to communities and respond to feedback.

He said: “Being overflown by aircraft is not enjoyable but we were looking at the least worst impact. But on consultation I do apologise. We have learned a lesson on that one.”