Sustainable fishing food fact file

Campbell’s Prime Meat of Whitecross has landed a £60,000 deal supplying Aldi with a new range of fresh fish special buys.

One of Scotland’s most established meat and fish suppliers, Campbell’s will be providing the award-winning retailer with a new line of seafood products, all sustainably sourced in the north-east of Scotland, including ling, pollack and cod fillets.

Campbell’s has employed four people in the fish department since starting work with Aldi in January 2013 as a direct result of their partnership with the supermarket.

Steven Walker, director at Campbell’s, said: “Our relationship with Aldi has flourished over the past year and we are delighted to be supplying them with our new fresh fish line, all sourced here in Scotland.

‘‘The demand for seafood sourced in Scotland is huge and it’s a great achievement to see our fresh fish stocked on Aldi shelves across the country.”

Last year, Campbell’s invested £90,000 in new seafood packaging facilities, made possible by a £400,000 annual deal to supply Aldi with fresh Scottish seafood.

Richard Holloway, managing director for Aldi in Scotland, said: “Sourcing products locally and offering them at everyday prices is a top priority for Aldi.

‘‘Supplying customers with sustainable seafood is extremely important and we are proud to stock some of the freshest and highest quality seafood available.”

The first Campbell’s butcher’s shop was opened in Edinburgh in 1910 by the current managing director’s great-grandfather, Thomas Campbell. The present company was founded by Edward J. Campbell in 1972 and over the years has expanded and moved from its original premises in Granton, Edinburgh, to the current 17 acre Heatherfield site formerly Henderson’s abattoir.