Swing towards Labour in Linlithgow by-election goes against national trend

Labour candidate David Manion
Labour candidate David Manion

Labour are celebrating a second place gain in the Linlithgow by-election after winning more votes than the tory candidate.

Despite losing out to the SNP’s David Tait, the Labour candidate, David Manion, was delighted to receive a larger share of the votes than the Tory candidate.

Ian Burgess from the Conservatives took 1070 votes and Mr Manion polled 1644 and took second place.

He said: “I’m told that the result is against the trend of all the other by-election results across Scotland so clearly my colleagues and I have performed well, and I think it’s partly an endorsement of the council and the services it provides in Linlithgow.

“Overwhelmingly most people are happy with the council, it’s a labour council and that’s why I think I got my vote.

“This is a positive swing to Labour and that is very much against the trend. I’m so grateful to the very good people of Linlithgow. For the Labour candidate to come second in Linlithgow is quite an achievement.”

David Tait was elected with 2325 votes and will now represent Linlithgow at West Lothian Council.

Fiona Hyslop, the SNP MSP for Linlithgow, said: “There’s marginal changes for everyone in terms of what they received last time.

“The collapse of the tory vote in Linlithgow is probably the most noticeable. But for the SNP to poll more than Conservatives and Labour put together is a big vote of confidence.”