Sylvia and Jan make their curtain call after final show at Bo’ness Academy

Sylvia and Jan said Bo'ness always had plenty of  performing talent
Sylvia and Jan said Bo'ness always had plenty of performing talent

The final curtain came down in dramatic fashion on two Bo’ness Academy’s stalwarts.

This year’s production saw principal teacher of the expressive arts, Jan Cunningham, and Sylvia Dow bow out.

Jan (60) first came to Bo’ness Academy in 1988 and having only got her application in with five minutes to spare says it was a decision she has never regretted.

Sylvia (77) was the Academy’s first ever drama teacher back in 1973 until 1985. Since leaving the school Sylvia has gone on to have a successful career as a playwright and at the age of 70 she returned to Glasgow University to complete her Masters in play writing. She also volunteered to direct the school shows since 1989 working alongside Jan.

Since then the dynamic duo have produced over 20 amazing shows, everything from West Side Story to We Will Rock You.

Jan said: “It was always easy as the talent in Bo’ness Academy is simply amazing.”

Sylvia said: “Anyone who wanted a part got a part and it was always fantastic to see people make new friends and grow in confidence.”

Parents from the first show, West Side Story, joined their children as part of the cast for the final show Les Miserable making it extra special for all involved. Jan is looking forward to spending time with her ten-month-old grand-son Logan, while Sylvia has no time to rest with deadlines looming for upcoming plays.