Sylvia made light work of miners’ sit-in discussions

Sylvia Dow's ''love letter to Bo'ness'' will be staged at Barony Theatre.
Sylvia Dow's ''love letter to Bo'ness'' will be staged at Barony Theatre.

Local playwright Sylvia Dow followed a long-standing interest in the Bo’ness miners’ sit-in of 1982 and interviewed some of the people still in Bo’ness who were involved.

Out of that came a play, ‘Blinded by the Light’, commissioned by the Traverse Theatre which was premiered during the 2014 Edinburgh Festival to rave reviews.

What fascinated her was how the men coped with being in the dark, what they talked about and how they felt about the failure of the enterprise.

The characters are all fictional as are the conversations but they are based on the testimony of those who were there and their families.

There’s a second strand also, looking at the a future where people are forced to live underground owing to air pollution.

Sylvia said: ‘It’s a kind of letter of love and admiration to Bo’ness, a town I’ve had so much to do with all my working life and to the strong community there.’’

The play is to have a rehearsed reading with professional actors, directed by Wendy Turner, at the Barony Theatre.

Most of the actors will be familiar with Andy Thomson, now known as Andy Rothney, a Bo’ness lad pursuing a successful professional career. He has been working with the National Theatre of Scotland.

Blinded by the Light is on at the Barony Theatre on Saturday, April 25, at 7.30pm, tickets £10/£8 from 01506 824414.

The audience will get the opportunity to speak to the author, director and cast 
after the show.